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February 20, 2013

Jon Patch's poetry and quotes

Every day, every night, every thought, every action, every moment
Every time
I have a choice

Instead of feeling I can’t do something
I feel gratitude for what I can do

Instead of regretting I can’t go somewhere
I am thankful for where I am

Rather than avoiding difficult experiences
I see the learning in all that comes to me

Rather than consider my creativity as less than someone’s
I appreciate everyone’s gift, and my own

Instead of judging I’m better or worse than someone
I am grateful for what others bring

Rather than doubt someone’s love
I love unconditionally

Rather than ruminate
I feel the Qi

Rather than tightening my body
I breathe

Instead of trying to fix someone
I listen with my heart

Instead of judging myself as broken
I accept and embrace who I am

Instead of doing what I “should” to please others
I do what…

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